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Developed by Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Good Life™ Mattress solves the biggest problems people experience with sleep. If you’re sleeping on an older mattress, your comfort is compromised and you’re missing out on a better sleep experience. 

The Dr. Oz Good Life™ Mattress offers cutting-edge innovation that addresses key complaints like pressure point pain, overheating, and bedtime allergies. Our supportive, contouring foam; cooling infusions; and clean sleep applications are the difference you’ve been dreaming about.

  • Premium, contouring foam layers work together to ease back pain and pressure points for medium-firm comfort
  • Designed with ideal support and comfort for all sleep styles: back, side, and stomach
  • Gel-infused foams pull heat away from the body, balancing the temperature to help you sleep cooler than traditional memory foam 
  • Activated charcoal from sustainable bamboo is infused in the memory foam to inhibit dust mites—the No. 1 cause of nighttime allergies
  • Antibacterial SilverScience™ application fuses silver ions onto the mattress cover for a cleaner, healthier sleep environment

Good Life™ Mattress 10"


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