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Adjustable Pillow for the Perfect Fit

  • The ultimate 100% natural and adjustable latex and wool pillow.
  • The loft and material of a pillow determine the comfort, support of the head, neck, and shoulders, and the relaxation that is experienced during sleep.
  • This pillow gently cradles the head with soothing support and helps to maintain the spine in its natural position for a more tension-releasing sleep.
  • The thoughtfully designed quilted outer-case partners with the “woolly puffs” creating the sensation of muscles relaxing, joints releasing tension.
  • The generous amount of 100% natural latex noodles and 100% natural “woolly puffs” in the pillow may be removed from the inner case achieving the desired loft. Optimal comfort and relaxation is sweetly accomplished.
  • Eliminate the overheating and night sweats common with down, feather and synthetic fills and foam.
  • Sleep well and healthy.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Weight: comes in high loft for easy adjustability.

myLatex® Pillow

  • Key Specs

    • Filled with 100% Natural Latex Noodles and 100% Natural Woolly Puffs™, pearl sized puffs of soft and springy 100% Shropshire wool.
    • Comes with 100% natural wool filled quilted pillow case for a long term care and superior sleep comfort.
    • Encased in 100% natural cotton sateen, 300TC.
    • Machine washable.
    • Sizes: standard, queen, king.
    • 5 year manufacturer warranty.
    • Packaging: eco-friendly and reusable packaging.

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