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The key to waking up without aches and pains is support. Most people believe the myth that the firmer your mattress, the better. But if you experience common pressure points in your back, neck, and hips, you don’t need firm, you need support.  

The Good Life™ Hybrid Mattress Pro brings the perfect balance of contouring support and plush comfort to your bed—plus cooling infusions, zoned support, and antibacterial silver. And it works no matter your sleep position: side, back, or stomach.

  • Premium, contouring foam layers work together to ease back pain and pressure points for medium-plush comfort
  • Seven zones of individually encased steel coils offer the perfect support right where you need it
  • Gel-infused foam pulls heat away from the body, balancing the temperature to help you sleep cooler than traditional memory foam
  • Activated charcoal from sustainable bamboo is infused in the memory foam to inhibit dust mites—the No. 1 cause of nighttime allergies
  • Antibacterial SilverScience™ application fuses silver ions onto the mattress cover for a cleaner, healthier sleep environment

The Good Life™ Hybrid Mattress Pro


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