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The Perfect Pillow is NOT a One Size Fits All


In order to remove neck strain and promote proper breathing, your pillow must be the appropriate height and firmness.  


Broad shoulders and a side sleeper?  You need a taller pillow.  Are you petite and/or a back sleeper?  Flatter pillow is better.  


That’s why the Oxygen Pillow comes in a broad range of height and firmness options — So you can find the size that fits you best.


Oxygen Pillow Features:


  • Maintains proper spinal and neck support
  • Opens the airway for expanded lung capacity during sleep for easier breathing
  • Works for both back and side sleeping
  • Can be used in any direction
  • Oeko-Tex certified latex foam and fabric


Deeper Sleep Through Deeper Breathing


The Oxygen Pillow’s patented design improves breathing & airflow, creating the conditions for more restful, restorative sleep without sacrificing comfort. Healthy breathing is the single most important factor during sleep. It affects the quality of your sleep and directly impacts your overall health.


Constructed For Better Neck Support


Because of three characteristics, (1) unique, patented construction, (2) material stability, and (3) sizing options, The Oxygen Pillow provides exceptional neck support—better than standard “contour” pillows.


Personalized Fitting For Greater Comfort & Proper Alignment


The Oxygen Pillow was designed with the anatomy of the neck and head in mind. The hollow core design provides comfortable support from the top of the head through the chin providing side sleepers with the appropriate support. In contrast, “contour pillows” cater to back sleepers while often leaving the neck inadequately supported during side sleeping.


Click here to see our  S I Z I N G    G U I D E.


The Oxygen Pillow

  • Made with 100% German-made, organic knit cotton covers and 100% natural latex foam.  Certified by Oeko-Tex as free of harmful chemicals.  

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