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The Good Life™ Adjustable Base is a proven solution for snoring thanks to cutting-edge sleep science and great design. With additional features like head and foot incline, Oz Anti-Snore and Oz Spine Relief pre-programmed positions, and a wireless remote, this adjustable base is just what the doctor ordered.

Designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, the Dr. Oz base also conveniently offers 12 inches of underbed storage space and fits easily inside most bed frames. Your adjustable bed base is delivered right to your door and assembles in just five minutes.

  • Sleeping elevated may help reduce snoring, decrease acid reflux, and improve overall comfort with the touch of a button
  • Experience our innovative app for automatic Snore Detection that gently readjusts your upper body, opens airways, and stops snoring without waking you up
  • With the Adjustable Base, third-party study participants saw a statistically significant decrease in snoring and increase in sleep satisfaction
  • The Good Life™ Adjustable Base includes two pre-programmed positions designed by Dr. Oz, along with two convenient positions for your comfort needs
  • Ships right to your door and assembles in just five minutes thanks to state-of-the-art design focused on convenience

The Good Life™ Adjustable Base


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